Dvr 075 инструкция

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Press [OK], then [MUTE] together — hold both buttons down until the mode (power) buttons start blinking in sequence: Move mouse pointer over image for animation From the Cable Setup Code list below, locate and enter the 3-digit code for your brand and model. Tips on Installation and Maintenance of Residential Irrigation Valves Please select your valve from the list below: In-Line Valves Anti-Siphon Valves Return to Manuals & Support Index. Please be patient, and be ready to release the [CH ] button when the device turns off: Move mouse pointer over image for animation As soon as the TV turns off, release [CH ]. Press [MUTE]. If your TV turns back on, press [OK] to lock in the code. Write your VCR brand & setup code for future reference. 6. Programming a TV/VCR Combination Units Step 1: Program your remote to operate VCR functions… Turn on your VCR. Put in a VCR cassette and play it on your screen. You then lock in the correct code as described below.

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