Technics sc -eh770 инструкция

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The mkII represents the next generation, incorporating numerous improvements over the original. In addition to being quartz-locked, it permits continuous speed adjustment under quartz control, a feature appreciated by disco DJ’s who wish to maintain consistent rhythm when changing records. The turntable was also available without an arm as the SL-120. In 1979 the mkII was released with a Quartz Locked Phase control system providing exceptional pitch accuracy and an aluminium diecast cabinet which had a special heavy-duty rubber base to isolate the turntable from external vibration. For example, if you buy part number “CPM-SDHP-2331P-LN-1-1-D”, your RoHS platform number is: CPx-xxxx-23xxy-xxx. (This same platform covers 863 other unique configurations.). Library / TechnicsDescriptionThe original Technics SL1200 was introduced in 1972 and featured a servo-controlled direct-drive mechanism and EPA-120 tonearm. Thousands of unique part numbers are built from a relatively small number of hardware platforms.

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