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Если банкноты не отличаются по ширине, то используетсявалидаторная головка с постоянной шириной приемного канала. When you use the activity that is created, the system closes the deduction records and reopens the invoice for the amount of the deduction. See Assigning Customer Master Category Codes. 2.2.3 Understanding System Constants These constants control the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable system for all companies. You must attach (or match) each to a corresponding original document, except for logged receipts. Thus, the system deletes the unacceptable characters from the text file and replaces them with acceptable characters. Examples are: AAA: Excellent BBB: Good 2.3.12 Aging Vocabulary Codes (03B/AG and H00/AG) You can assign aging vocabulary codes (03B/AG and H00/AG) to specify the terminology on the A/R aging reports.

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