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Head over to Multiverse Comics on Providence’s West Side and more often than not someone is up for a juicy MTG battle… as long as the store’s not too busy. Typically, the mixture is brought to boil on a stovetop until the sugar dissolves, then cooled for use. Editorial offices are located at 324 W. Wendover Ave , Ste 200. Greensboro. NC 274CS Tet (919) 276-9809 COMPUTE DECEMBER 1991 You must have heard how SOUND BLASTER took the PC market by storm… Now the HURRICANE… r. ‘■l.-3>—5;rfViW(Wi’^J «It’s the next-generation sound card and it is loaded! With a focus on servicing the client’s needs first, she’s open Tuesday through Sunday and can even accommodate walk-ins. On top of her already low prices, she offers daily specials like a $20 blowout bar on Sundays.

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