Honeywell xenon 1900 инструкция на русском

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See… Page 55: Scanner-bioptic Ack/nak Mode, Scanner-bioptic Ack/nak Timeout Scanner-Bioptic ACK/NAK Mode Bioptic ACK/Nak On must be scanned so the scanner will wait for an ACK or NAK from a bioptic scanner after each packet is sent. Syntax = Search Commands Search forward for a character F8 Search the input message forward for “xx” character from the current cursor position, leaving the cursor pointing to the “xx” character. Page 105: Presentation Mode, Presentation Led Behavior After Decode, Presentation Sensitivity Presentation Mode Presentation Mode uses ambient light to detect bar codes. You may then program the settings (e.g., beeper volume, prefix/suffix, data formatter) that your application requires. Page 135: Code 39 Message Length, Code 39 Append When Check Character is set to Validate and Transmit, the scanner only reads Code 39 bar codes printed with a check character, and will transmit this character at the end of the scanned data.

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