Dwl-8600ap инструкция

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Cconnect the console cable to the computer and open PuTTY, on the left hand side, select “Serial”, and set the following: (Please note that the “Serial line to connect to” in this case is an example. Кроме перемещения клиентов между коммутаторами одной сети, поддерживается перемещение между разными подсетями для обеспечения безопасных беспроводных подключений к множеству подразделений крупного предприятия. Robust and Optimized Network The DWC-2000 offers self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing network capabilities to increase the stability of the entire wireless network. A unified single-band Access Point DWL-2600AP with PoE is designed for indoor use and is used to build a network of business class. Centralized management of remote access points via a simple interface provides the ability to automatically discover compatible D-Link Wireless Access Points, add them into the managed access point list, and set one-time configuration dispatch settings for them.

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