Phantom vr103 инструкция

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Page 16 Fix the contact to the circuit board with 2 screws marked [60]. (Fig. 2-4) Fix the contact with manual soldering at 2 points. (Fig. 2-4) Use special care so that the contact is fixed securely. [60] [60]: Bind Head Tapping Screw-P 2.0 x 6 MFZN2BL (VG893800) (Fig. Compatible with XIAOMI MI5, MI5S, 5s Plus, XIAOMI Note 2 Customized for XIAOMI MI5, MI5S, 5s Plus, XIAOMI Note 2 with VR-oriented processor(Snapdragon 820/821), Adreno 530 GPU, XIAOMI VR does not only bring more immersive 3D graphics into reality, but also supports Type-C high speed interface. Then, the nine faders move down Have the function name of the switch to be checked displayed to approximately the lowermost position. Удобство в использовании позволило указанной модели снискать себе славу среди автолюбителей – уже очень много водителей приняло решение купить видеорегистратор данной серии. Page 81 displayed on the LCD. The page can be changed among «FADER ERROR message: ERROR: NOT EXECUTE (22) AGING (COUNT), FADER AGING (MOVE MEASURE) and FADER LEVEL FADER AGING (FADER RANK) by pressing the [DISPLAY As the FADER LEVEL adjustment has not been DOWN/UP] button. Page 75 Next, set the word After executing the user data backup, turn on the power while clock source back to «EXT-mLAn» (external PC) again to pressing the [UTILITY] and [AUDIO] switches of the 01X check that synchronization is provided. once again.

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